Vote for me or risk execution warns Ukip candidate

People who either stand or vote for the three main parties should be "hung by the neck until dead" a Ukip candidate has suggested.

In an extraordinary letter sent to potential voters, Gordon Ferguson said that the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour parties were "guilty of treason" and should therefore be killed.

"The Lib-Lab-Cons have conspired with a foreign power, the EU, and are all thereby guilty of treason," he wrote.

"Those responsible should be brought to trial and those found guilty of treason should be hung by the neck until dead."

Ferguson, who is standing for Ukip in Southport, warned that those who voted for the three parties were also "guilty by association of treason".

He told the Daily Telegraph that he stood by his call for the execution of his rivals for treason, saying: "that is the old English law is it not?"

Asked if this meant that voters for the other parties should also be executed, he replied "If that is the law of the land, that should apply."

"I want them to think about the implications of them supporting an organisation that is not working in the interests of the British people," he added.

Ferguson's comments follow a call last week by another Ukip candidate for members of the public to be stripped of the right to vote.

Magnus Nielsen said the decision to extend the vote to female and middle class voters in the nineteenth century was a mistake that should be reversed.

"I sometimes think the people who fought for the vote in 1832 and 1888 and so forth, trying to extend the franchise were probably doing the wrong thing," he told an election hustings in West Hampstead.

"I think perhaps we should start reducing the franchise."