Ukip in new race row over ‘ethnic’ journalist

Ukip became embroiled in another race row this afternoon after their spokesman referred to a female journalist as being "of some form of ethnic extraction".

The text message about Evening Standard journalist Kiran Randhawa was intended for a party colleague but was accidentally sent to the wrong recipient.

Party spokesman Gawain Towler wrote: "James, my fault but I told the Standard that Nigel would be arriving at approx 10.30 this morning. They have called and I expect a snapper and a female journalist (of some form of ethnic extraction) at Picadilly. Am sorry. Possible more than one snapper as they hunt in packs."

Towler, who is campaing to be a UKIP candidate in next year's European elections today claimed the comment was merely a factual statement about a journalist whose name he couldn't remember.

In his campaign video for the selection earlier this month Towler told his party that: "we need as our public face people who are experienced in dealing with the media and who have dare I say quite thick skins. I believe I am one of those people."

Towler's comments follow a string of controversial statements from other Ukip figures including Godfrey Bloom who famously referred to people living in "bongo-bongo land."

Bloom resigned from the party last week after being filmed shouting "racist" at Channel Four News reporter Michael Crick, before hitting him in the face with a brochure.

Party leader Nigel Farage has also denied claims that he supported far right groups and sang Hitler Youth songs whilst at school.