Chief rabbi: Multiculturalism is over

By Adam Bienkov

"Multiculturalism has had its day," Britain's chief rabbi argued today, as he issued a warning that ethnic and religious groups risk "putting our people's interest [ahead] of the national interest."

Lord Sacks described the UK as a hotel where "nobody is at home… we've each got our own room and so long as we don't disturb the neighbours we can do whatever we like".

He warned that religions should not try to "impose your views on the majority population" and suggested Muslims had struggled to integrate into UK society.

"We've had 26 centuries of experience, which most Muslims haven't. The norm was for Muslims to live under a Muslim jurisdiction and the norm since the destruction of the first Temple was for Jews to live under a non-Jewish jurisdiction," he told the Times.

Sacks also attacked the government for not doing enough to encourage marriage.

"Although I don't take a party political stance… I don't think the government has done enough at all."

"It should certainly recognise marriage in the tax system, it should certainly give more support to mothers who stay at home, or for childcare provision. I don't believe in getting involved in the details, but the principle is pretty clear."

Earlier this month chancellor George Osborne was widely criticised after he said that stay-at-home mothers had made a "lifestyle choice" and should no longer receive childcare vouchers.