Tory MEP targeted by trolls over Gibraltar comments

A Tory MEP has been subject to abusive messages on Twitter and email after she waded into the row over Gibraltar.

The attacks against Julie Girling, Conservative MEP for the South West, come as the online world continues to react against threatening and abusive messages sent to prominent women on Twitter.

"It may be that to be trolled goes with the job. However, the Spanish Twitter trolls aren't doing their argument any favours by trolling me," Girling said.

"Their abuse shows they have no argument as they can only resort to the lowest form of language."

One person identifying themselves only as Javier said: "You are a nazi Julie Goering."

Other messages included: "F***ing bitch", "You're too ugly to visit Spain anyway", and "Why dont u try New Delhi 4 ur next hol.. .. u might get a s**g by some p*kis if u r lucky…..Adios"

Tension has been on the rise over Gibraltar since Spanish authorities escalated border checks for those travelling to the Rock.

The dispute has many similarities with that over the Falklands Islands, but the emotional tenor of the Gibraltar issue is generally much lower on both the British and Spanish side.