Is the shine coming off Nigel Farage?

Half of voters say they dislike Nigel Farage and just 27% say they like him, according to new polling out today.

The latest Ipsos Mori survey found the Ukip leader struggling to maintain his positive reputation with the public, earning a personal approval rating of  -5, a drop of four per cent since last month.

Ukip as a whole is only liked by 25% of voters and disliked by 52%.

Farage and Ukip's 'liked' ratings are the lowest of all the main parties, although this is partly due to a large number of 'don't knows'.

While not catastrophic, the figures suggest Ukip has a long way to go before it can convince voters to help it secure an electoral upset at the general election.

Farage can content himself that other party leaders were not enjoying a good rating either.

Nick Clegg has a net satisfaction rating of -35, with 27% of people satisfied and 62% dissatisfied with his performance.

Ed Miliband hit his lowest satisfaction rating as party leader, with just 28% of people saying they approved of his performance and 55% saying they did not, giving him a net score of -27.

David Cameron was performing better with a net satisfaction rating of -17, after 38% said they were satisfied and 55% said they were dissatisfied.

There was a noticeable improvement in the public's overall satisfaction with the coalition, with 32% saying they were satisfied and 60% dissatisfied. The net approval rating of -28 is up from -32 last month.

That seems to corroborate analysts' suggestions that the slight improvement in the economy will bolster the coalition's polling numbers.

However, Labour held on to its poll lead, which stands at ten per cent (40% to 30%).