Lib Dems put Egyptian curse on Northampton Council

Liberal Democrats in Northampton have put an Egyptian curse on council leaders after they agreed to sell off a 4,000 year-old statue.

Local Lib Dems put forward a motion during a Guildhall meeting demanding the ancient Egyptian statue be put back on display at Northampton Museum, but it was blocked by the Conservatives.

"I've read there is a curse attached to Sekhemka and if it should fall on anyone, it should fall on this administration for not having the courage to change their minds," councillor Brendan Glynane said.

The statue of is understood to be worth £2 million and will be sold at auction later this year, with the money spent on an expansion of the town museum and the restoration of Delapre Abbey.

It was removed from Northampton Museum when its value was recognised in 2010, because officials believed it would need a round-the-clock guard.

"It won’t be put back on display in Northampton again for security reasons and I would rather invest in our heritage than have a statue sitting in a vault that nobody can enjoy," authority leader David Mackintosh said.

The statue, which was made around 2,400 BC, was obtained by the Marquis of Northampton in 1850.

Some have questioned whether the council have any right to sell the statue, based on a written agreement about the maintenance of the Marquis' donations.