Green deal scorned as insulation figures collapse

By staff

The government's efforts to save energy appear to have backfired after figures showed cavity wall insulations has all but disappeared in the last 12 months.

The number of insulations fell by 97% in April compared to last year, reported.

The New Labour government's schemes had seen installations averaging 40,000 a month last year.

But these were replaced by the coalition's Green Deal programme in 2013, which in April led to just 1,138 installations being completed last month.

"This staggering collapse in the number of energy efficiency installations is a disaster for our economy and a body blow for hundreds of small businesses across the country," shadow energy minister Luciana Berger said.

"Ministers claimed that the Green Deal would be the biggest home improvement programme since the Second World War, but David Cameron's Green Deal is clearly failing to deliver the energy efficiency we need to reduce fuel bills, create jobs and cut our carbon emissions."

The cashback scheme offered under the Green Deal sees £250 available for cavity wall insulations. Further support is available for those living in homes which are difficult to heat and those on benefits.