All change at the top: Cameron dumps Letwin and brings in more rich white men

There were further changes to the Conservatives' election machine today, when Oliver Letwin was reportedly dropped as the prime minister's policy boss, to be replaced by Jo Johnson, Boris Johnson's brother.

The US editor of the Economist, Chris Lockwood, will also join the policy unit.

The move drew bemused smirks from many of those criticising David Cameron for surrounding himself with people who grew up in Eton.

Johnson went to Eton and was later a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University.

Lockwood was educated at St Paul's, which many consider a step up from Britain's most famous private school.

He is one of six journalists specifically cited as a close friend by Cameron when he appeared at the Leveson inquiry.

His appointment led to criticism on both left and right that Cameron continued to surround himself with highly privileged white men.

Tory backbencher Sarah Wollaston told the Telegraph: "In any other walk of life, there would be interviews to find the best person for the job."

Putting Johnson in charge of the Tory manifesto could also anger Tory backbenchers, who consider Boris' brother on the far-left of the party – not least because of his moderate stance on the EU.

But Letwin was seen as distant from the concerns of ordinary voters and out-of-step with Australian strategist Lynton Crosby's blue-collar strategy.

He was also criticised for overseeing the 2am Royal Charter meeting with Ed Miliband and Hacked Off over the Leveson proposals.

According to the Sun, Letwin will remain policy minister until the next Cabinet reshuffle.