Scotland’s independence day planned for March 2016

By staff

Scottish nationalists are planning an independence day for just 37 months away, it has emerged.

SNP ministers have drawn up detailed plans of how an independent Scotland will quickly transition away from its three centuries of union with the rest of the United Kingdom.

In the event of the Scottish independence referendum resulting in a 'yes' vote, Edinburgh will seek to claim full sovereignty by March 2016.

Parliamentary elections would then take place in May that year, before a "constitutional platform" is put in place.

The release of its plans to BBC Scotland appears to be the latest development in a public row between Edinburgh and London over the terms of the debate ahead of the autumn 2014 referendum.

"The Electoral Commission has recommended that the Scottish and UK governments should engage in such discussions to agree the process that will follow a 'yes' vote," the document states.

"The Scottish government agrees and looks to the UK government to work with it to that end."

The British government is not interested in such talks, however. Last week's prime minister's questions saw David Cameron make clear he will seek to downplay the extent of talks prior to the public vote.

Asked about the Electoral Commission's findings by the SNP's leader in Westminster Angus Robertson, Cameron replied: "Of course we will work with the Scottish government in providing information, but let me be clear about what we will not do. We will not pre-negotiate Scotland’s exit from the United Kingdom. It is the hon. gentleman's party that wants to break up the United Kingdom, and it is for his party to make the case."