Student housing costs skyrocket

By Alex Gangitano

The cost of a university housing doubled in the past ten years, according to figures released today.

A survey from the National Union of Students (NUS) showed the average weekly rent for a university-owned room in the UK increased by 97 per cent.

“University heads should urgently be looking at properly planning accommodation supply and capping rent increases to ensure students are not priced out of living in halls,” Pete Mercer, NUS vice president, said in response.

"The responsibility of universities to support their students does not begin and end at the doors of the lecture hall."

In 2011-2012, the average weekly rent was £117.67. In 2001-2002, weekly rent was £59.17 on average.

The average weekly rent had increased by 25 per cent in just the last three years.

Currently, weekly rent has reached £123.96 on average.