Solidarity? Galloway to launch legal attack on student trade union

By Charles Maggs

Maverick Respect MP George Galloway is to sue the National Union of Students (NUS)after the union branded him a "rape denier".  

A spokesman for the Bradford West MP called the accusation "defamatory" and "offensive".

The union had also banned Galloway from speaking at their events or from sharing a platform with any of its members.

The NUS took the action after Galloway's recent comments about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's sexual assault accusations, saying that he was guilty of "bad sexual etiquette," and not rape.

His spokesman said Galloway had clarified his views, saying he had made it "absolutely clear that 'no means no'" and "non consensual sex is rape".

He added: "The NUS can ban whoever they want, but George is categorically not a rape denier."

Galloway said on his Facebook page this morning that any proceeds won from the case would go towards the defence fund for Assange and Bradley Manning.

Manning is the US army intelligence analyst who was the source of thousands of cables that were passed to the whistle-blowing site. He is due to go on trial in the US next February.

The fall out with the students' body could prove a blow for the former Labour MP given that he got a great deal of support from students during his by-election victory in March this year.