Students won’t accept Clegg apology

By Charles Maggs   

Just one in ten students are more likely to vote for the Liberal Democrats at the next general election as a result of Nick Clegg's apology.

The Lib Dems can now count on the support of just 7% of students according to a survey by the national union of students (NUS).

Liam Burns, president of the NUS was unsympathetic.

"Nick Clegg actually won students’ votes by signing the pledge. It is clear he has lost them by breaking it.” He Said.

“This attempted apology has created more confusion than clarity. Mr Clegg must now make amends by changing his policies.”

In fact almost half of those surveyed (47%) said they were less likely to vote for the Liberal Democrats as a result of the apology.

Nick Clegg famously signed the pledge alongside students before the election and the NUS officially endorsed the Lib Dems for the first time as a result of the promise.

21 of the 57 Lib Dem MPs rebelled against tuition fees.