Labour builds massive 15-point lead

Labour has built a massive lead over the Conservatives despite continued scepticism of Ed Miliband's performance, a new poll found today.

The opposition party climbed to 45% in the Times Populus poll, while the Tories fell four points to 30% and the Lib Dems lost two points to hit ten per cent.

The five per cent Labour increase suggests the party would win a substantial majority if the general election was held tomorrow, but the campaign itself is still uncertain because of the continued concern over Miliband.

While David Cameron remains decidedly unpopular, 60% of people still prefer him in Downing Street to Miliband. Of those who settled on Cameron, 37% were dissatisfied, but still preferred him to Miliband.

The findings suggest that if the elections become presidential – or if focus centres on the leaders' debates – Miliband might struggle to overturn Cameron's personal appeal. If it rests on party politics or local battles, he has a much greater chance of reaching Downing Street.

The poll also asked the public to pick words which they associated with each party leader.

Cameron was branded 'out of touch', 'arrogant', 'smug' and told he 'doesn't listen'.

Miliband and Clegg were both branded 'out of their depth', followed by ‘weak’, ‘out of touch’ and fourthly ‘indecisive’.