Sabotage: MP escapes death after criminals tamper with car

A Labour MP has narrowly escaped death after the wheel nuts were removed from his car in parliament.

John Mann says he believes the event was triggered by an interrupted attempted theft rather than a murder attempt.

"The consequences of this madness do not bear thinking about. I and others could easily have been killed," he said.

"Nobody could have spotted that the wheel nuts had been removed, which makes the callous nature of the crime even worse."

The MP drove the 200 mile journey back to his constituency from Westminster on Monday August 7th, but struggled to keep control of his car once he passed Nottinghamshire.

There had been engine noise throughout the journey but once he arrived at his constituency office, the right hand front wheel virtually fell off.

The MP then realised the front wheels had been stripped of their wheel nuts and four locking nuts had been removed from all the tyres.

The wheel hubs were then replaced by whoever removed the nuts, so no observer could tell what had happened.