Mensch: Rape comments show why women should run Ministry of Justice

A week of ill-advised comments on rape around the world have shown the need for women to be put in charge of the Ministry of Justice(MoJ), former Tory MP Louise Mensch said today.

Writing in the Telegraph, the former Corby MP attacked Julian Assange supporters George Galloway and Craig Murray, as well as Republican senate candidate Todd Akin, for their comments on rape.

She also reminded readers of scrapped MoJ plans to grant anonymity to men accused of rape and Ken Clarke's comments on "serious" rape.

"The justice department at present has no women," Mensch said.

"It stumbled both on trying to grant anonymity to men accused of rape, a Lib Dem idea, and in Ken Clarke's own unfortunate comments about rape.

"I hope (and expect) that the prime minister will use the opportunity of the reshuffle to promote some of the talented female lawyers on his benches into the department that governs rape, sexual trafficking and other crimes against women.

"This week shows us what so many male politicians really think about consent, and sex, and the rights of a woman to withhold it, or attach conditions to it."

The piece marks a more outspoken period for Mensch, who is planning to live in New York with her family after she gives up her job as an MP this autumn.