Boris: The Olympics is a ‘wonderful Conservative lesson’


Britain's Olympic success corroborates right-wing political philosophy, the mayor of London claimed today.

Amid celebrations of the racially diverse nature of the British athletes winning gold, Boris Johnson told the Today programme the real message of the Games was that "the more you put in, the more you get out".

Despite several commentators arguing the Olympics were boosting left–wing arguments and multiculturalism, Johnson said the weekend's developments were "a wonderful, conservative lesson about life".

The mayor even suggested the example set by Olympians was "playing a role" in solving England's "deep social problems" by "sending a clear message about effort and achievement, and what it takes to connect the two".

The Mayor promoted the success of conservative values on the anniversary of last year's riots, which spread all over the country after the police shot Mark Duggan in Tottenham. He admitted "the culture of easy gratification and entitlement" applied to bankers as well, however.

Boris also defended conservative belief in "belonging, community and shared values" when he was asked whether the fact Britain's gold medals come from a range of backgrounds demonstrated a failure of right-wing nationhood.

Turning to young people, the mayor said: "There are still deep social problems that we've got to address by looking at what happens in the lives of young people, their role models, their ideals, what they want to achieve.

"I do think sport and the Olympics play a role. Sport builds self-esteem, character, confidence and the ability to understand how to lose – all those vital things."

Boris insisted that work was being done to address the UK's issues with £70 million directed at inner city areas of London and the creation of 67,000 apprenticeships for young people.