Lords rebels ‘not fit to be MPs’

By Cassie Chambers

Those who voted against Lords reform are "not fit to be MPs", the Green party said in a scathing statement today.

Heavy on rhetoric but light on specifics, the statement from the party called for "targeted political action" to ensure the 124 MPs who voted against Lords reform last night do not keep their seats in the next election.

Policy coordinator Stuart Jeffrey, said: "Last night's climb down on Lords reform was demonstrated how unfit this government is to lead the country.

"They have kicked parliamentary democracy into the long grass of the 22nd century and left us with a feudal system that is put to shame by almost every other country on the planet."

Although the statement blasted those who refused to ensure the reform was voted on this parliament as "being wedded to a system of privilege and patronage", it expressed special contempt for those who voted to kill the legislation entirely.

"While the bill is not perfect, wanting it stopped in its tracks is beyond contempt," said Jeffrey.

"I want to see a campaign targeted at them for the contempt they have shown."

Jeffrey's attacks on the rebel MPs became more personal, as he went on to suggest those that voted to stop the reform were "unfit" for their jobs and suggested their constituents should "drive them from office" at the next election.