Prominent left-wing Americans intervene in Assange appeal

Julian Assange's appeal for asylum from the Ecuadorian embassy in London was bolstered by famous left-wing figures in the US last night.

Documentary film maker Michael Moore, Manufacturing Consent author Noam Chomsky and feminist Naomi Wolf signed an open letter to Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa calling on him to accept Mr Assange's appeal.

“If Swedish police want to question him, there is an SAS flight that leaves Stockholm at 7:55 tomorrow morning (flight #525) to London," Mr Moore wrote on Facebook.

"I'm sure the British authorities would have no problem with the Swedish police questioning Mr. Assange. Then Sweden can decide if it wants to charge him with a crime.

“But it appears that Sweden has little interest in these charges—what they really want is the ability to extradite Assange to America. And that, simply, must not happen."

Mr Assange is wanted for question with regards to allegations of sexual assault while he was on a short break in Sweden in 2010.

His various appeals to escape deportation have failed and the attempt to claim asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy was a final dramatic gambit.

While many activists believe the Swedish allegations are an attempt to extradite Assange to the US, others have complained that his supporters appear unconcerned by the allegations made against him.

Other signatories to the letter include Hollywood actor Danny Glover and celebrated film director Oliver Stone.