Five arrested after Occupy target Paternoster Square

Five members of the Occupy movement were arrested last night after an unsuccessful attempt to replicate the St Paul's camp in nearby Paternoster Square.

Reports suggest nearly a hundred people entered the square around 19:00 BST last night, as part of a May Day event that was replicated in cities across the world.

But an injunction on protest in the square meant City of London officers quickly moved protesters on.

"This was something we have wanted to do on October 15th and we have finally done it," a spokesperson said.

"This is a force that will not be stopped."

Three men and two women were arrested during the eviction on suspicion of breaching section 14 of the public order act, although officers admitted there was no violence.

The action came months after protesters were evicted from their camp around St Paul's, following a protracted legal dispute which was eventually won by the City of London.