Poll: Osborne no longer trusted on economy

Trust in George Osborne and David Cameron's management of the economy hit a new low today, as they continued to be hit by negative reaction to the Budget.

The pair's 24 point advantage over Labour on the economy has dwindled to just four, according to a Comres poll fore the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror.

Labour is on 40%, the Conservatives on 34% and the Liberal Democrats on 11%.

The government approval rating has fallen from -20 before the Budget to -29

Only 25% of respondents trust Mr Cameron and Mr Osborn to make the right decisions on the economy, while 54% have lost confidence.

Just over a quarter said the Budget was fair, next to 54% who disagreed.

The poll also confirms that the Budget has lost the government support among the elderly, a key demographic which was previously overwhelmingly sympathetic.

Meanwhile, Labour's poll showing continues to improve, with ratings for Ed Miliband and Ed Balls on the economy rising from -44 to -33.