Cameron popularity hits new low

David Cameron's popularity has hit a new low after a series of gaffes and scandals damaged his standing with the public.

A YouGov poll for the Sun showed the prime minister's popularity had fallen eight points in a fortnight, with only 30% of people saying would make the best leader for Britain.

Fortunately for the Conservative leader, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband were unable to capitalise on the damage.

The Labour leader was up just one per cent on 19% and Mr Clegg was down one per cent on five per cent.

Forty-six per cent of respondents said they do not know who would make the best leader, the highest figure since May 2010.

Labour is on 42% according to the poll, with the Tories ten points behind on 32%. The Liberal Democrats are languishing on nine per cent, just one point above Ukip, which could make big gains in the upcoming local elections.

The figure shows that Labour is maintaining the lead it has built since the Budget, with the government's performance damaged by gaffes around the pasty tax and the fuel strike.