Entrepreneurs get access to empty govt offices

By politics.co.uk staff

Disused government offices are to be made available on one-year leases to new and existing small businesses.

David Cameron will announce the move later, as he visits the north-east to launch a new campaign encouraging people to start their own company.

The 'business in everyone' initiative is seeking to raises awareness of the free services the government offers to small firms and would-be entrepreneurs, in the form of video tutorials, workshops and web-based seminars.

Part of the measures taken today will be moves to make the British government's disused office space available on short-term loans.

Ministers are trying to sell as many under-used and disused civil service offices as possible, to help cut costs and reduce the deficit.

"The first priority for the ones we aren't using is to sell them off, but in the meantime, many are going to be sitting idle," the prime minister is expected to say later.

"So let's match the capacity we've got with the need that's out there. Let's provide office space where we can to those who can use it."

The 'business in you' campaign is backed by a number of organisations, including the CBI, StartUp Britain, the Social Enterprise Coalition and the Federation of Small Businesses.