Cameron’s EU veto wipes out Labour poll lead

By staff

David Cameron's decision to veto a European rescue plan has significantly boosted his poll ratings, with the majority of the public backing him.

The first poll since last week's EU summit saw Labour and the Conservatives level on 35% after Mr Cameron's move wiped out the opposition's lead.

The Mail on Sunday poll found 62% of people agree with Mr Cameron's stance compared to 19% opposed.

The turn of events seems to have increased demands for a referendum on British involvement in the EU, with two in three demanding a national poll.

If there was a referendum tomorrow, neatly 50% said they would vote for a split, while 33% said they would want to remain in the EU.

There was also considerable scepticism about the European deal. Nearly two-thirds believe the initiative will fail, while 65% think the euro currency will not survive.

Seven out of ten respondents said the summit handed too much power to Germany, with just 13% disagreeing.