The political week on Twitter

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

Theresa May has a tough week:

@tom_watson Theresa May statement due around 4.15. I look forward to reading the
@sun_politics write-up of her majestic triumph and tough action.

@IanKerr If your at a UK airport today please report anyone with a cat. #opengate

@mrbry That Theresa May #HoC Statement in full: "It wasn't me. It was like that when I found it. Civil Servants did it and then ran off." #opengate

@Kevin_Maguire Theresa Mays says she regrets Yvette Cooper's Commons response to border fiasco. Bet she does. Cooper wiped the floor with May

@BorisWatch BREAKING NEWS: Berlusconi offers his support to Theresa May at this difficult time.

@Anthillel thinks its a joke that you have to pay £80 to replace a STOLEN passport, only to now find out passports were rarely checked! #opengate

Prime Minister's Questions:

@Kevin_Maguire Cameron invokes Chartists to justify boundary review and equal constituencies. I look forward to annual Parliaments

@warrenhatter Thanks to #PMQs, I now know that: 1. immigration is BAD; 2. poppies on footy kit are GOOD; 3. the whole nation agrees with 1 and 2.

@JonMacLeod66 Miliband didn't just miss the barn door at PMQs – he missed the barn. What is his PROBLEM?

@MaxiD Instead of going to see a pantomime this Christmas, I will be attending a Yuletide edition of #PMQs. Good old fashioned family fun.

Twitter reacts to the initial FIFA poppy ban:

@piersmorgan England players should ignore FIFA and wear poppies against Spain. What's Blatter going to do? Rip them off himself? #WeWillRememberThem

@MarkReckless Agree with @Tracey_Crouch MP and football expert that FIFA poppy ban is absurd and should be ignored.

@jonbarbuti EDL supporters on the roof at Fifa protesting about the poppy. Perfect time to tighten the UK's supposedly shoddy border controls

An interesting observation at the tuition fees protest:

@ChrisSpillane Dubstep seems to be the music of choice for City of London protesters. What ever happened to our rockstars? #Nov9

Twitter is unimpressed with James Murdoch:

@pete_sinclair James Murdoch is currently on your screens appearing in a sequel: "I Have No Idea What Anyone Did Last Summer."

@willsmithuk After "I cannot speak to that", what new phrases will James Murdoch coin today? – "My recallment suffers erodity around that event".

@stebax Protip: If you make huge errors at work, e.g. not noticing massive wrongdoing, just say you are "learning". (May not work if dad isn't boss)

@ArfurSmith 'Mister Murdoch did you put on a pair of trousers this morning?' 'I have no knowledge of this.'

And finally, the tweet of the week goes to:

@ShaunSayers What do you call James Murdoch? Absolutely anything you like apparently, there will be no lasting precise recollection of the insult