London riot arrests hit 3,000 mark

By staff

Investigators are pledging to make "more arrests and convictions" after making their 3,000th arrest connected to August's riots in the capital.

Metropolitan police officers seeking to bring all those involved in the violent disorder which swept across the capital this summer to justice have released 71 further images today.

Of the 3,000 arrested, 1,931 have either been charged or cautioned. The Met's Operation Withern team has brought 1,809 cases before the court – but only 618 people have been sentenced and just 255 jailed. Cases of 1,058 people are ongoing.

Commander Steve Rodhouse, who is in charge of the investigation, said:
"This is an important milestone for the investigation but our work is far from over," Commander Steve Rodhouse, leading the investigation, said.

"My message to those who were involved in the disorder and criminality is that you will not get away with it. We have a huge team of dedicated officers working on this investigation and we will find you.

"We are determined to continue bringing those who committed these outrageous acts of criminality to justice. There will be more arrests and convictions."

Today's landmark in the mounting arrest count highlights the concentration of arrests in London.

West Midlands police has arrested over 600 people for violence in Birmingham, while the rioting in Manchester has led to over 350 arrests, in the three months since the disorder.

Last week Greater Manchester police conducted a series of dawn raids arresting around 20 people suspected of looting, arson and violent disorder.

"What today's action shows is that almost three months since the disorder, we are still relentlessly pursuing those suspected of being involved in the shameful actions we saw that day," Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said.