Kinnock daughter-in-law set to become Danish PM

By Ian Dunt

Neil Kinnock's daughter-in-law is set to succeed where he failed and be elected prime minister of her country.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who is married to Neil and Glenys' son Stephen, is widely tipped to win the Danish general election on a centre-left ticket – a rare instance of a European leftist party making significant gains during the economic downturn.

The 44-year-old is expected to become Denmark's first female leader, after campaigning under a promise to spend their way out of recession.

Dubbed 'Gucci Helle' because of her expensive tastes and upbringing, Ms Thorning-Schmidt recently tried to cultivate a family image with TV interviews.

Mr Kinnock told reporters that he has been looking after the children and doing the washing-up since the campaign started.

But his own affairs proved a potent threat to Ms Thorning-Schmidt's chances when a scandal over his taxes almost derailed her campaign.

Even if Ms Thorning-Schmidt's opposition party loses votes, her broad centre-left coalition will still probably beat the Liberals and Conservatives.