Westminster distracted by sexy MP website

By politics.co.uk staff

A website which allows users to pick the MP they think is most attractive is proving oddly addictive in Westminster.

Users of the Sexymp.co.uk website pick which MP they would rather have sex with out of two photos. The score is then calculated for each MP’s individual tally while the user picks from the next pair.

Labour MP Luciana Berger is currently topping the women’s list, with 2,874 wins, closely followed by Esther McVey, with 2,166 wins. Joseph Johnson, Boris’ brother, leads the men’s list with 1,827 wins. Zac Goldsmith is in second with 1,727 wins.

The site, created by entrepreneur Francis Boulle, is ostensibly designed to acquaint constituents with their MPs. Using the site can be a disturbing experience, especially when mixing male and female MPs.

The prime minister put in a respectable performance, currently standing in 99th place.

Ed Miliband is well ahead in 78th place, but far below his brother David, who is in sixth position.

Nick Clegg is well behind in 149th place.

In a sign of the site’s cheeky approach to Westminster, Speaker John Bercow’s political affiliation is marked as ‘bi-curious’.