PM seeks teenage recruits

By staff

David Cameron is using Facebook to appeal to 16-year-olds as he seeks to drum up interest in his national citizen service proposals.

The prime minister is launching the search for 11,000 teenagers to take part in 12 pilot schemes across the country.

They will give participants the chance to spend two months this summer doing ‘tough physical activities’, including two weeks away from home and a further five-week project improving their local community.

On a national citizen service Facebook page launched today, Mr Cameron will directly appeal to teenagers to take part in the scheme.

“I want National Citizen Service to inspire you to realise what you can achieve,” he will say.

“This summer you will be able to spend two months mixing with other young people, learning new skills, and putting something back into your community.”

The scheme will be opened up to 30,000 people in 2012 and, Mr Cameron hopes, will eventually be available for all 600,000 of Britain’s 16-year-olds.

Among the pilot schemes are Bolton Lads and Girls Club, Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, Connexions Cumbria and Young Devon and South West Consortium.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said the scheme differed from existing volunteer programmes because it provided “a shared experience for each generation that teaches them about the power they have as citizens to build the society they want to live in”.

Some alumni will be able to take part in International Citizen Service, a new programme for 18- to 22-year-olds being developed by the Department for International Development.