Australian far-right leader cancels move to UK

By Ian Dunt

The far-right Australian politician Pauline Hanson has cancelled a planned move to the UK, citing the number of immigrants in the country.

The former leader of the One Nation party decided she would emigrate to the UK last year in a bid to escape criticism of her politics and personality in her home country, but has now concluded the UK is worse than Australia.

“I love England but so many people want to leave there because it’s overrun with immigrants and refugees,” she said.

“France is becoming filled with Muslims and the French and English are losing their way of life because they’re controlled by foreigners.”

Ms Hanson, who has faced regular allegations of racism in her own country, made the comments after finishing a ten week tour of Europe.

“Problems are worse over there than they are in Australia,” she said.

“Australia is still the best place in the world to live, (though) the same sorts of awful things are happening here too.”

The One Nation party stood on a populist anti-immigration platform but its popularity has declined sharply since the turn of the century.