Complaint to police over Commons brawl

By staff

A Labour MP who became embroiled in a Commons brawl last week is facing a police investigation.

Newspaper seller Bjorn Hurrell, who became involved in a scuffle with Paul Farrelly in the Sports and Social bar, said he would make an official complaint to police.

“I am intending to make a complaint to the police and to instruct lawyers to
pursue civil damages,” he told the Mail on Sunday.

“I wish to make no further statement until I have obtained legal advice.”

The scuffle, during a karaoke night at the bar, occurred on Thursday night. Various accounts of the story have emerged, placing blame on either one man or the other.

“It is not good to rise to provocation and you could call it a John Prescott moment if you like, but I was attacked and acted in self defence like any ordinary person would,” Mr Farrelly said.