British embassy staff attacked in Yemen

By Peter Wozniak

A UK embassy car has been attacked by Yemeni militants, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

A rocket propelled grenade was fired at the armoured car carrying five embassy staff in the capital Sana’a, causing an injury.

An FCO statement read: “The vehicle was on its way to the British Embassy, with five Embassy staff on board.

“One member of staff suffered minor injuries and is undergoing treatment, all others were unhurt. We are informing their families at the moment.

“We are aware of at least two bystanders injured during the attack, and are seeking further detail.”

The foreign secretary told BBC radio: “All our diplomats there are remaining at home or in the embassy. It is a difficult and dangerous place to work.”

He described the incident as “a reminder that we have some way to go” in bringing stability to the troubled Middle East state.

In a separate attack a French national has been killed, according to reports.

The incidents come following a spate of recent attacks on westerners in Yemen, with concern growing over the stability of the country.

In April, a suicide bomber made an attack on the British ambassador, though no-one was injured on that occasion.