Lib Dem MP rejects seduction allegations

By staff

A Liberal Democrat MP accused of seducing a female constituent has flatly denied any improper involvement.

It was alleged in the Sunday Times that Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, who is married, had exploited the vulnerability of a 36-year old woman, known to have mental health problems.

A spokesman for Mr Hancock issued a rebuttal of the allegations today, saying: “Mike Hancock denies any allegations of any inappropriate behaviour and in no circumstances did any [sexual activity] take place.

“All Mike Hancock did was offer help and support to this woman. Mike Hancock has not been contacted by Hampshire police or been informed of any formal allegations or investigation. He will of course cooperate with the police if they ever contact him.”

Mr Hancock admitted taking the single mother to dinner, and reportedly gifted her items including a teddy bear and perfume, ostensibly to “cheer her up”.

Hampshire police are now investigating the allegations.