Top Scottish Catholic demands apology for ‘Third World’ comment

By Ian Dunt

The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland has demanded an apology from one of the Pope’s advisers for branding Britain a “Third World country”.

Cardinal Walter Kasper made the comment to a German magazine when discussing Britain’s multicultural society.

He also said the UK was in the grip of “a new and aggressive atheism”.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, said he expected an apology while talking to BBC Radio Scotland.

“That was unfortunate and each and every person’s aides sometimes do make awkward, difficult remarks,” he said.

“Sometimes we make awkward, difficult remarks ourselves.

“And simply, if we do that sort of thing we apologise for it, and I’m sure Cardinal Kasper will apologise for any intemperate remarks which he made some time ago.”

Cardinal Kasper did not accompany the Pope for the four-day visit, as previously planned. The Vatican cited medical reasons for his withdrawal.