Labour: Save the Asbo

By staff

Labour has tried to stop the government’s planned cancellation of the anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) scheme.

Shadow home secretary Alan Johnson said the decision would leave communities “helpless”.

Theresa May confirmed the government was looking to scrap the Asbos programme and continue with a common sense approach to low-level disruption.

“This time around, Tory home secretary Theresa May is wrongly claiming that Asbos don’t work,” Mr Johnson said.

“The problem is not the powers available but her government’s lack of commitment to tackling crime and disorder in our communities.

“Asbos have worked and will continue to work provided they are used effectively,” he added.

“Scrapping Asbos and cutting police budgets would leave communities helpless and vulnerable.

“Cracking down on crime and disorder needs to be constantly reviewed and improved but the Asbo is a success.”

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) statistics show that 55% of Asbos issued between June 2000 and December 2008 were breached, leading to a custodial sentence.

The statistics were seized on by anti-Asbo campaigners, who said they prove the measure does not work, and that the designation is considered a badge of honour for young people in some communities.