Hague condemns ‘deplorable’ medic killing

By politics.co.uk staff

William Hague has attacked the “cowardly” Taliban following news of the death of British doctor Karen Woo in Afghanistan.

The foreign secretary confirmed her death alongside a number of other health aid workers. She was reportedly with a German and six Americans who were robbed, lined up and shot by the Taliban in northern Afghanistan.

“This is a deplorable and cowardly act which is against the interests of the people of Afghanistan who depended on the services she was bravely helping to provide,” Mr Hague said.

“Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this tragic time.”

Dr Woo, 36, was accused by the Taliban of spying for the Americans and preaching Christianity.

But in a statement her family denied this was the group’s intention.

“Her motivation was purely humanitarian. She was a Humanist and had no religious or political agenda,” family members said.

“She wanted the world to know there was more than a war going on in Afghanistan, that people were not getting their basic needs met. She wanted the ordinary people of Afghanistan, especially the women and children, to be able to receive healthcare.”

Dr Woo had been due to marry her fiancé, Mark Smith, on her return from Afghanistan. The family statement concluded: “I hope that the legacy you leave is to inspire others to give love and aid rather than perpetuate hate and violence.”