Peace camp loses appeal

By staff

Peace protesters in Parliament Square will be evicted from their camp after they lost their appeal.

The Court of Appeal rejected the action today, leading to a happy reaction from the Mayor of London, who launched the fight to have them removed from the site.

“I think it’s wonderful that as a city we can protest. But it is nauseating what they are doing to the lawn,” he said.

“It’s become too much. It’s doing serious damage to a world heritage site.”

The demonstrators have a variety of reasons for launching their Democracy Village at the site, with causes such as the Afghan war, the environment and constitutional reform leading activists to protest outside parliament.

Supporters of the camp say it reflects the vibrant democratic culture in Britain, but opponents say it is turning the grounds beside the mother of parliaments into something resembling a music festival and deterring tourists and visitors.

The protestors may still be able to appeal to the Supreme Court.