Palin ‘to meet Thatcher’

By Ian Dunt

Sarah Palin is set to meet Margaret Thatcher, if her Facebook updates are anything to go by.

In a move which could well strike fear into the hearts of left-wingers across the western world, the former governor from Alaska told her 1,630,386 Facebook fans she was in the planning stages of meeting the former prime minister.

Ms Palin had received an invitation to travel to London, including “the offer of arranging a meeting” with Baroness Thatcher, she wrote.

That ran contrary to a report in the Daily Mail a day beforehand, which reported that Ms Palin had made the approach and that Baroness Thatcher had agreed to meet her.

Ms Palin maintains a tremendous level of support in America, where her down-to-earth right-wing values and good looks marshal a passionate and dedicated fanbase.

But centrists, left wingers, and even many conservatives consider her unintelligent, unashamedly populist and potentially dangerous if she ever made it into the White House.

Moderate Republicans in the United States have looked on aghast as Ms Palin galvanises the embryonic and staunchly right-wing Tea Party Movement ahead of a presumed presidential bid at the next election.

Ms Palin wrote on Facebook that she considered Baroness Thatcher “one of my political heroines” – a woman who overcame “the odds and challenges of the status quo”.