SNP launch manifesto

By Richard Chidwick

Alex Salmond, Scottish National Party leader delivered his party’s 2010 manifesto this morning, declaring jobs and the recovery would be at the heart of the SNP manifesto boost.

Mr Salmond said SNP MPs would work to protect Scotland from future spending cuts.

He said if cuts need to be made, expensive long term commitments like Trident and ID cards should be scrapped.

Mr Salmon also said Labour and Tory parties are “very afraid” of a hung parliament, and result would be a “balanced parliament and a people’s parliament.”

Andrew Black the deputy party leader who also spoke at the Manifesto launch said: “The prospect of a hung parliament is now ‘increasingly likely’.”

SNP MPs have committed to open local offices, hold regular surgeries and greater transparency on expenses.

Mr Salmond talked of ‘London’ taxes and said Scotland should not have to pay them.
He hopes to create green jobs, develop a fair fuel regulator and a unique veteran’s card for ex serviceman.

The card would build on the recognition given to Scottish veterans by the Scottish government through priority medical care, extending concessionary travel schemes to injured veterans. The scheme would include a £240,000 Veterans Fund to support charities set up to benefit ex service personnel.