Cameron’s no chicken

By Sam Dale

David Cameron ripped the head off a chicken suit after a man from the Daily Mirror confronted him in the fancy dress.

The Tamworth High Street stunt saw the Conservative leader grab the chicken by the neck, pull its head off and reveal the man underneath the costume, the BBC reported.

Earlier the Mirror’s chicken-man had tried to confront the Conservative leader at a press conference in Kennington, south London, but had been hustled away by security men.

The Mirror says it is trying to add “much needed silliness to a po-faced campaign.”

When Mr Cameron confronted his avian disciple in Tamworth he said: “Has everyone met my new friend from the Daily Mirror, my favourite daily newspaper?”

“Why are you a chicken?” the Tory leader asked.

“Because you won’t answer our questions,” said the chicken.

Mr Cameron replied: “Well, ask me your questions,” but the chicken never got the chance, as Mr Cameron went off to continue his campaign.