Sarkozy in London for leader talks

By staff

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is meeting with both David Cameron and Gordon Brown as he visits Britain today.

Talks with the prime minister focused on the economy, the forthcoming summit in Brussels and other international issues such as how to follow-up the Copenhagen climate change talks, Downing Street said.

In addition to the meeting with Mr Brown, Mr Sarkozy is also having talks with Conservative leader Mr Cameron.

The pair could be working together closely on international issues if the latter wins the coming general election.

Mr Sarkozy’s reported concern about the Tory decision to leave the centre-right European People’s party could prove a sore point, however.

“I regretted them pulling out, but I have enough problems at home to deal with without taking on other people’s problems,” Mr Sarkozy said at a press conference in No 10. “Opening up is a good thing.”