Farage fined for anti-Belgium rant

By Ian Dunt

Nigel Farage was fined today for his extraordinary EU speech branding Belgium a “non-country”.

The Ukip MEP visit the president of the European parliament to discuss his lengthy attack on European Council president Herman Van Rompuy last week.

He was fined 3,000 euros for the personal nature of his attack suring Mr Van Rompuy’s first appearance at the house.

“Who are you? I’d never heard of you, nobody in Europe had ever heard of you,” Mr Farage said to Mr Van Rompuy during his speech.

“You seem to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states,” he continued.

“Perhaps that’s because you come from Belgium, which is pretty much a non-country.”

Fellow MEPs were outraged by the personal attack, although the video of Mr Farage’s performance has picked up a dedicated following on the internet and will, in all probability, help him in his Westminster fight with Speaker John Bercow at the general election.

Graham Watson, MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, said: “Farage has gone from stamping his feet to thumbing his nose.

“His actions bring shame on himself and embarrassment to Britain”.