Argentina takes Falklands to UN

By staff

United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon will meet with Argentina’s foreign minister as opposition to Britain’s ongoing sovereignty over the Falkland Islands rises.

It follows a summit of Latin American leaders who roundly condemned Britain’s control over the islands known by all those in the region as ‘Las Malvinas’.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez directly addressed the “Queen of England” in a televised message.

“Can’t you tell the time for empires is over? Return the Malvinas to the Argentine people,” he demanded.

A motion will be tabled today inviting UN members to condemn Britain’s control over the islands.

At stake are potential oil resources off the islands. A Desire Petroleum oil rig began initial drilling in a search for oil earlier this week.

Argentina has consistently claimed sovereignty over the Falklands throughout its history and even invaded the islands in 1982.

A British task force dispatched by Margaret Thatcher forced Argentinean troops from them, leaving 255 British and over 600 Argentinean soldiers dead.