Cameron: I’m a questioning Christian

By staff

David Cameron has outlined his religious beliefs in a remarkably personal interview, saying he is a “questioning Christian”.

“If you are asking, ‘do I drop to my knees and pray for guidance?’, no,” he told the Evening Standard.

He said he struggled with the concept of the virgin birth, and was a “questioning Christian”.

“But ‘do I have faith and is it important?’, yes. It’s not always the rock that perhaps it should be.”

The Tory leader also spoke about his feelings surrounding the death of his son Ivan, earlier this year, and his fear of another child dying.

“That’s fear number one,” he said.

“Particularly as it has happened already, it is a sort of permanent fear.”

The Tory leader admitted he had had something of a falling out with London mayor Boris Johnson just before the Tory party conference, when he spoke out on the need for a referendum on Lisbon.

“We managed to extinguish the fuse he lit. What it did not show was a deep split in the Conservative party,” Mr Cameron said.

“It was more cock-up than division.”

Asked if Mr Johnson had apologised, he said: “I do not want to go into private conversations but all is well in the Dave/Boris relationship.