106-year-old woman loses court battle

By politics.co.uk staff

Centegenarian Louisa Watts has lost her campaign against Wolverhampton City Council to keep her care home open.

Mrs Watts had been fighting to save Underhill House since April and had taken out an injunction against the council preventing its closure.

However the injunction was overturned today at the court of appeal.

Lord Justice Sedley, who officiated in the case, said: “If there were any firm findings that moving Mrs Watts would shorten her life the decision would be quite different.”

He told the Watts family that there was no leave for appeal.

Wolverhampton city council took the decision to close the home because it needed £2 million of upgrades to meet current standards and regulations.

Wolverhampton city council’s director for adults and community Sarah Norman said: “We have already helped nine residents to move out of Underhill House and they are doing well in their new accommodation.”

The council said the home would now be closed immediately and the remaining residents would be rehoused in alternative facilities.