Stephen Fry demands Cameron reconsiders Europe stance

By Ian Dunt

A group of activists, including TV personalities Stephen Fry and Eddie Izzard, have written to David Cameron urging him to reconsider his party’s grouping with the Polish Law and Justice party.

The Tory leader has faced considerable criticism for joining with fringe groups and some radical right-wingers in his efforts to separate the Tories from the centre-right European People’s party in the European parliament.

But today is the first time celebrities have added their voices to the chorus of disapproval.

In the letter, Mr Fry, Mr Izzard and the general secretaries of Unite, the trade union, welcome the Conservatives’ decision to host a gay event at their conference in Manchester tonight, but warn of the Law and Justice party’s homophobic policies.

“Your Party’s decision to host an LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual] event at conference is a good step in the right direction,” the letter reads.

“But it will seem empty – a two faced gesture – if in the same week you fawn over allies whose homophobia has no place in modern Manchester, in modern Britain, or in Europe.

“Mr Cameron we want to believe the Conservative party has really changed – please help us by rescinding the invite to the Polish Law and Justice Party and urging them either to change their views or quit your new European group.”

Other signatories included the actor Patrick Stewart, comedian Jo Brand and Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison.

Mr Fry, who used to have the largest number of Twitter followers before he was overtaken by Sarah Brown, retweeted the letter yesterday, causing 1,000 visitors per minute to LabourList, which reprinted the letter, and crashing the site.