Ian Clement receives suspended sentence

By politics.co.uk staff

The former deputy of the mayor of London has received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty today to charges of fraud by false misrepresentation.

He has been ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

Ian Clement was received the sentence for using his Greater London Authority (GLA) credit card to pay for personal meals out in restaurants.

Mr Clement, who was found guilty of committing fraud to the value of £156.70, was the third deputy to quit or be sacked since Boris Johnson took office.

In a statement this morning Mr Clement said: “I have failed to live up to the high standards of office that were properly expected of me.

“I have given many years of dedicated public service to London, which has been my pride, my passion and my life. That is now over.

“There is no denial in regards to my responsibility.

“I very much regret and indeed am truly sorry for my actions and that these have let down many good people, my family, my friends and colleagues including and not least, the mayor of London.”

Mr Clement resigned from office on 22nd June after the Mr Johnson deemed his position “untenable” after full details emerged of his personal usage of the corporate credit card.