Denham fears disintegrating Labour

By staff

John Denham has voiced his concerns about the collapse of Labour’s left-right coalition.

Mr Denham, one of just two Cabinet ministers to hold a seat in the south of England, downplayed fears about the governing party’s final autumn conference before the next election.

“If you hear Gordon talking, as I have in the last few days, about the issues that are important at the G20, I just haven’t heard anybody else that has that grip of what needs to be done,” he told the Financial Times newspaper.

The communities and local government secretary said that, while this was not an issue, he was nevertheless worried Labour could lose its focus if it lets fears of becoming a minority party in.

“The coalition that New Labour put together in the 1990s, and held together at subsequent elections, is crucial to our success,” he pressed.

“If Labour, even in its own mind, thinks of itself as a minority party then we have got real difficulties.”