Govt turns to TV adverts for social worker recruitment

By staff

A television advertising campaign is being launched today in a bid to reverse Britain’s social worker recruitment crisis.

Following the death of Baby Peter and the negative press coverage which followed already problematic recruitment levels fell further, it has been claimed.

As showed earlier this summer the shortage of social workers has forced some local authorities to look overseas to solve the problem.

In the meantime the government is acting to find more social workers with a £58 million social work transformation package, including today’s adverts.

Actress Samantha Morton, who as a child was looked after in care up to the age of 16, has backed the adverts, which show how social workers change the lives of thousands of children and adults every day, by giving a voice to the most vulnerable in society.

“I had some wonderful social workers who supported me and helped me achieve my goals in life,” she said.

“That’s why it’s important to recruit more social workers. There are many people out there, whether they be children, families, vulnerable adults, even the aged who need a social worker. I want to enable them to have the support they need. Help us to help them, and maybe one day they may help you.”

The campaign’s broad approach is aimed as much at social workers who have abandoned the profession as it is at new recruits.

Children’s secretary Ed Balls said the £58 million package of which it is part would provide a “radical transformation” in the profession.

It will also sponsor 200 university places from next September, roll out new pilot schemes for all new children and family social workers and introduce coaching and development for managers of frontline workers.

Watch the advert here