Anne Robinson: Tories asked me to be London mayor

By staff

The Tories asked Weakest Link host Anne Robinson to run for London mayor, according to an interview with the TV presenter.

“I don’t think I’ve ever revealed this, but, before the Tories asked Boris to be their candidate for mayor of London, they asked me if I’d stand,” Ms Robinson said.

“Steve Hilton [Conservative director of strategy] and I were walking on holiday in Switzerland and he asked if I’d consider it.”

According to Ms Robinson, who made the revelation in an interview with the Independent, the offer came before Boris Johnson was asked to run.

“At the time, there was no candidate and they were obviously casting around,” she continued. “After me, they probably moved on to [Jeremy] Clarkson.”

Boris Johnson is now over a year into his stint as London mayor. He remains popular with voters but political analysts are still struggling to establish a coherent policy agenda.