BNP men ‘beat up pub goer’

By Ian Dunt

A man was beaten up by BNP men after he spilled a drink on party leader Nick Griffin, an MP has claimed.

Labour MP David Drew said the “upstanding” individual was beaten by men around Mr Griffin after he spilled Guinness on the leader.

“I don’t know why [Mr Griffin] was wined and dined in my constituency in Painswick but he was,” the Stroud MP said in the Commons.

“It just so happens that one of my constituents took offence at this and happened to spill some beer over Mr Griffin.

“I happen to know the young man, and he is totally upstanding – he’s an outstanding individual.

“As a result of this he was taken outside and given one hell of a hiding.”

But Simon Darby, deputy leader of the far-right party, said Mr Griffin was the victim of an unprovoked attack.

“He was asked to leave the pub by the landlord,” he said.

“As we were leaving he had been lying in wait for us and threw a pint of Guinness over Mr Griffin.

“This was an assault and we have yet to decide whether to report it to the police,” he added.

Tory MP Nigel Evans made light of the situation, saying it was a waste of beer.